12 Seater Cast Aluminium Set in Sahara with Cushions

The longest cast aluminium garden set in Ireland, and its exclusive to Outdoor Living!


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Sapphire 12 Rect Sahara – COMP

Our chairs do not require assembly.You see the cheap cast aluminium sets online, imagine having to assemble chairs screw by screw. This is not the case with this premium garden set. The chairs available for this set are the sapphire square back chairs or the Capri* round back chairs. Each chair includes a cushion. Parasol and base cost extra.

The table requires some assembly; it's big so you will need help to put this into place, but it's a massive wow.

One long 3 meter table, the width is approximately 1.2 meters wide.

Capri Chair selection carries an additional cost to the price of the Set.

This cast aluminium garden set is only available in dark bronze at the moment.