Adirondack Chair

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Adirondack Chair, the garden chair with many names!

A classic garden furniture chair first designed by Thomas Lee from the USA. The chair has many different names, Aerodeck, Adirondack. Westport garden chair and Canadians call it the Muskoka chair, and is an extremely common site in the Ontario cottage area. The name that is most attributed to this chair is the Adirondack chair, which was designed in the Adirondack Mountains. 

Thomas Lee sold the design to a  friend Harry Brunnell, who was in need of an income. He registered the patent for the design with Lee's permission, and started manufacturing on a large scale and called it the Westport chair. 

The Westport chairs were painted and signed by Brunnell. The rounded Adirondack chair that is also gaining popularity today was from a design modification and patent from Irving Wolpin in 1938.