Tahiti Flame Outdoor Heater
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The Athena patio heater creates a warm ambiance to any garden.

Classical style heater with a modern twist, get a heater that oozes with Greek style, but for a modern environment. Athena Flame Outdoor Heater with 9.3Kw output. Stainless Steel frame & side panels. This is an outdoor gas heater suitable for home or commercial use. It is recommended to protect this heater from excessive moisture.

  • A tall patio heater with a height of 224 cm.
  • A total weight out of box of 31 kilos.
  • Propane or LPG gas can be used in this heater.
  • If you leave this on non-stop, a full canister of gas will last an estimated 24 hours on average.
  • Winter covers are also available on request.

There is an inbuilt shutoff safety mechanism, when the flame extinguishes the gas, will cut off too, there is also a heat adjusted with a variable valve.

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