Bakerstone 14" Pizza Oven Box
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Bakerstone 14" pizza oven box.

Create rustic style pizzas at home and enjoy quality time with friends and family with the innovative award-winning BakerStone Oven Box.

Perfect for creating pizzas of up to 14” in size, the black enameled steel stone box converts most 3 burners and larger gas BBQ’s into a gourmet pizza oven. It raises the temperature of BBQ’s to that of a real wood burning pizza oven using convective, conductive and radiant heat, creating pizzas in 2-4 minutes.

Not only does the BakerStone bake authentic style pizzas, but also it is great for baking breads, cookies, roasting meats, vegetables and cooking fish.

The ideal gift for any cooking or outdoor enthusiast, the BakerStone is a great way to easily produce professional style food.

Height 16cm, Width 59cm, Diameter 42cm

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