Berghoff Orange XL Barbecue Berghoff Orange XL Barbecue Berghoff Orange XL Barbecue Berghoff Orange XL Barbecue Berghoff Orange XL Barbecue
Berghoff Orange XL Barbecue
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Berghoff orange xl barbecue.

Ceramic BBQ's are very versatile. You now have the opportunity to grill, smoke and bake, it's all possible at the BBQ Berghoff. Due to the excellent thermal insulation properties of ceramics, it is possible by the ventilation grilles in order to reach high temperatures.

High temperatures are ideal for fast baking of, for example, sausages and hamburgers, while a somewhat lower temperature is ideal for grilling of larger pieces of meat over a longer period.
Why not try adding some wood chips to the charcoal or try combining different flavor wood chips to make your flesh even tastier?

The unique heat circulation system will be more prepared food flavorings and nutrients and continue to maintain excellent. Charcoal also lasts longer on the insulating ability of the ceramic. The exterior features a virtually indestructible glaze.

The BBQ By Berghoff is known for its ease of use; only ten minutes after lighting can already start barbecuing. The temperature is very accurately controlled to 300 ºC, and cleaning is very simple; the inside is equipped with a self-cleaning system.

The possibilities of the are really endless; you can do everything on grilling, baking, roasting, stewing, yarn, cook and even use it as a furnace for example for the preparation of pizzas. Because the Berghoff BBQ is completely sealed, you can even in frosty weather or rain hassle outside barbecuing.

The BBQ By Berghoff comes standard with stand and zijplankjes.
The BBQ comes with 2 year warranty.

The diameter of the grid is approximately 47 cm at its widest point [for the grid in natural surrounding]

Dimensions 130x73x121 cm
Weight 86.3 kg

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