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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture!

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture!

Garden furniture is the simplest way to help your garden feel a little homier, whether spacious or small. And create a stunning picturesque scene right behind your home! 

Choosing the best quality and most affordable piece of furniture can be daunting. Knowing what's the best out there can be overwhelming. But worry not, here's why cast aluminium are the best metal patio furniture in the market. 

What is Cast Aluminium?

Cast aluminium is a metal alloy commonly used in cookware and patio furniture. It is often mistaken for cast iron it’s heavier less durable counterpart. Cast aluminium is a type of metal that is easier and cheaper to produce and before it can be used goes through a process called casting. Casting is done to add more durability and strength to the metal. There are three ways this can be done, sand casting, die casting and mould casting.

It is Strong and Durable!

A great feature about cast aluminium furniture is that it’s stronger and durable than most garden furniture sets that use cast iron. What makes our cast aluminium even better than our competitors, is that we use a higher quality aluminium alloy which makes our patio set even sturdier than most.

It is Weather-Proof!

Because cast aluminium is so strong and durable, it is better suited against horrible climate conditions. Which makes our cast aluminium furniture sets perfect for the unpredictable Irish weather, so you can expect long lasting life from any piece of our cast aluminium furniture. Which is exactly what you; a consumer looking to buy patio furniture sets needs to tick off on their list.

Low Maintenance and Rust Proof!

Cast aluminium’s forte lies in its inability to rust; when cast aluminium is exposed to the elements it creates a layer of oxide on its exterior. The oxide layer acts like a special barrier to protect the patio sets from the elements and keeps cast aluminium from corroding like cast iron. All these great benefits with no special care or treatment needed, just a damp cloth to wipe it down every now and then and you’re good to go.

It is Lightweight!

Cast aluminium, like wrought iron, is known for its strength and durability. Compared to it’s counter-part, cast aluminium garden sets are easier to manoeuvre around, whether you’re looking to store them away or change up the furniture lay out when that sun is nice and shiny. There’s no hassle with its easy manoeuvrability. 

All sizes and designs

Here at Outdoor Living we offer a range of cast aluminium furniture sets all in different sizes and with unique designs exclusive to us in Ireland. Whatever you’re looking for we’ve got it! Our garden furniture sets are perfect for any occasion, whether you decide to have a lovely intimate evening for two or are looking to enjoy a relaxing social event with ten. We have a collection of choices for you to pick from.

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