Rattan Garden Sets.... Beautiful, Intricate And Why You Should Buy Them!

A beautiful woven rattan set can effortlessly bring exquisiteness and sophistication to your garden. Be able to enjoy a nice quiet evening cuddled up with your partner in our bistro sets or a lively B&Q day with family and friends with our lounge and bar sets. Keep reading and find out why our signature furniture are popular with consumers all over Ireland.

Comfort and Appeal

Rattan garden furniture sets come in array of different styles, shapes, design and colour, which gives you plenty to choose from. Our rattan garden furniture sets come in 3 styles; flat weave, half round weave and full round weave. We offer a variety of colours including white, cream, black, brown etc. with beautiful cushion comforters. We have 4 Seater, 6 seater, 8 Seater and 10 Seat Rattan Garden Sets to view at our showrooms in a range of colours and weaves.

Synthetic Wicker is noted as being one of the best materials for outdoor furniture which is what our rattan sets are made of. And to increase that sturdiness our rattan sets are constructed with an aluminium frame, a metal alloy that's forte lies in its strength and toughness.


Synthetic wicker as mentioned gives our furniture sets robustness but what makes them even better is that they are also made to fight off harsh climate and light ensuring that the colour never fades from our product. This gives our patio furniture sets longevity regardless of the weather conditions.

Low Maintenance

Because of the great material our rattan patio furniture sets are made from, there's no special method in caring for your furniture sets, a simple damp cloth with mild soapy water will suffice. Leaving your rattan set stunning all year round.


Our synthetic wicker rattan sets are easily manoeuvrable, that's what makes the aluminium frame for our rattan patio sets so amazing they give you the consumer that comfortable sturdiness without the heavy-lifting. Deck out in our sun lounges when the sun decides to peak out or changing the furniture layout of your garden whenever you fancy comes with no hassle or strain.