Bollard indoor and outdoor infrared heater by Heatwave.
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Bollard indoor and outdoor infrared heater by Heatwave.

With more and more of us seeking the quiet and restfulness of the outdoors where we can take time out from the everyday work treadmill it is no wonder we are always trying to find ways to stay outdoors longer in the evenings. With today's modern heating technologies extending the day has become more of a possibility.

This innovative designed under table heater is an ingenious outdoor heater. It's slimline and modern look means it can fit neatly under a table and emit enough heat to warm all your guests. There's no need to buy typical out heaters requiring heat logs when all you have to do is flick a switch, and you have ample heat to your required area.

This creative under table heater would be perfect for those living in apartments with a balcony who have little space for the large heaters on the market or is ideal for those sitting round a small table and looking to heat a small area. It is easily portable so can be placed in a position to emit optimum heat.

We believe this method of outdoor heating will really take off. If you fancy a visit to our showroom, you can see this heater and others on display, and you won't be disappointed. We offer the facility to order online or take orders over the phone. We can organise quick delivery of these heaters, or you can pay and collect at our store as we are open seven days a week.


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