Alexander Rose Cornis Broadfield 4 Foot Garden Bench

The Alexander Rose Cornis Broadfield bench with a dense almost knot free grain comes with an oiled finish giving a smooth earthy brown colour.

Alexander Rose Cornis Broadfield 4 Foot Bench

  • Height: 870 mm
  • Width: 1220 mm
  • Depth: 600 mm
  • Weight: 19 kg


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Made by acclaimed garden furniture manufacturer Alexander Rose, this simple and elegant Cornis Broadfield bench radiates a warm earthy colour and heats a cold day. Its dense almost knot free grain gives a smooth luster to the bench. With both strength and weather resistance in mind this bench is perfect for harsh winter and warm summers, and makes an excellent addition to any outdoor setting such as a garden, or a hotel lawn.

If you are looking at a quality bench at a reasonable price, this is a brilliant choice, you can tell the difference of a quality bench, compared to the cheaper models that look similar online, but in reality look extremely inferior. It is always good to see garden furniture in person, and that is the way we have developed Europe's largest outdoor furniture showroom, to exhibit the best benches in Europe. So if you're not convinced online, why not visit our showroom.

Bench Dimensions:
Height: 87cm
Depth: 59cm
Width: 151cm
Weight: 28.5kg

Product Care

We sell treatment and sealer for this garden bench, please ask our sales team for more information, this bench comes with a 3-year manufacturers guarantee. Alexander Rose select the highest grade of Cornis wood for the manufacturing of this garden bench.