Discovery 1100 Premium 5 Burner Barbecue
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The stunning barbecue is the ultimate barbecue for chefs; barbecue your food the Australian way with this beauty.

Discovery 1100

  • Height: 1160 mm
  • Width: 1726 mm
  • Depth: 591 mm
  • Weight: 97 kg

Discovery 1100 Premium 5 Burner, the King of stainless steel barbecues.
For the series cooks and entertainer!!
Beefeater is renowned for their expertise in making BBQ.s and has been in business over 20 years, becoming a real success story in Australia. The success has come from Beefeater's philosophy of manufacturing the highest quality porcelain enamel and stainless steel barbecues that are able to endure the outdoor environment and offer faultless performance and durability.

If you love to BBQ and like everything to go smoothly and efficiently this is the BBQ for you. The stainless steel body is faultlessly welded, more so than other BBQ’s, so you never get those sauces sipping down the inside of the trolley from the cooking part above. It looks stylish and sleek with its window viewing glass facility. It has easy ignition from the reliable Quartz Start Ignition buttons, which applies to each burner. It has large removable warming rack, which makes an ideal hostess rack to keep food warm while you are cooking more food. The rust free porcelain enamel coated cast iron cook tops are designed to give out excessive heat, cooking food faster and holding the heat longer. With 5 burners you have a fantastic large area to cook with and a side burner, which will power out 15,000 BTU/15mj/hr. Fuel supply is propane gas, which comes with a regulator, but we also supply a natural gas conversion kit if you require this.   The Stainless steel vaporizers reduce flare-ups and the Stainless steel heat reflectors allow for even distribution of heat, the hood has an integrated temperature thermometer.

A 5 Year Guarantee comes with this product, because Beefeater are confident you will have no complaints with this wonderful product.  

5 Burner Beefeater stainless steel specifications:
Revolutionary grease management system (removes tray completely)
Centrally hinged, removable roll back hood.
Integrated trolley
Easy to use and move around
Starts first time every time
Chromed warming rack
Cast iron burners
Stainless steel flame tamers
Quartz start ignition
Side burner
2 Condiment racks included
Large viewing window
26kw Total output
Limited 5 year warranty
Height 1420mm (lid closed) 1685mm ( lid open)
Width 1727mm
Depth 600mm
Can run on natural gas

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