Fatboy Transloetje Violet - Ex-Display

Fun Features:

  • Touch Sensitive: By using the touch-sensitive light switch in the foot, Transloetje will light up immediately. Touch it again: even more light. Touch it once more: quite a lot of light!
  • Super Mobile! - They perfect for inside and outside the house, thanks to its wireless and rechargeable nature.

In order to create a true icon of Transloetje, we had to strip down grandma’s cute little light to the core. What remains is the most fundamental version of a lamp, but still being a darling with a lovely attitude. In fact, its simplicity makes it even more appealing.

Thanks to the material, shape and sparkling colours Transloetje really stands out from the crowd. For once, it is not only the outside that counts. Because of its transparency, this time, the old-fashioned light bulb on the inside is the center of attention!

The creative engineering of the new Transloetje combines Fatboy's version of the Edison the Petit and brings light in a bright (quite literally ) and unconventional way. 

Want to know what Transloetje means? It is a combination of two things: Fatboy wanted to create a TRANSparent version of the Edison the Petit &Luce means ‘light’ in Italian and when you translate it phonetically to Dutch, you will get the old-fashioned name ‘LOETJE’. Simple as that.

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Please note that these products are all ex-display items which will have spent time on display on our showroom floor. As such they may have some slight imperfections, or have slight scuff marks from use on the display floor.

Dimensions packaging:

Width: 17.5 cm

Length: 17.5 cm

Depth: 30.5 cm

Product Dimensions:






Colour Temperature

2700 Kelvins (indoor soft white)

Power Output:

2 x 1 Watt

IP Rating

IP21 Splash resistant 


1.2 kg

Battery Life:

Setting 1: 20 hours

Setting 2: 15 hours

Setting 3: 9 hours

Cleaning Instructions:

 Wipe with a moist cloth or water and soap

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