Finding the Perfect Garden Furniture

Gardens are pleasing to the eyes and furnishing it makes anyone want to stay longer and relax. Deciding how to furnish one’s garden depends on various factors–materials, scale, design and style, space, comfort. This article will talk about the material.

Garden or patio furniture is specifically designed for the outdoors. It is expected to withstand different factors which indoor furniture is protected from. Nowadays, there is a greater variety of materials to choose from–stone, wood, metal, glass, plastic, or a combination of these. Checking the local climate, temperature, average rainfall, and other elements that may damage the furniture is advisable in choosing which material to use.

Wood used for outdoor furniture is often preferred by many just because of its feel. Having it in the garden just seems like the most natural thing. However, wood is high maintenance. Having it outdoors exposes it to extreme weather conditions and might be at risk  of cracking, warping, and rotting. If wood really is preferred, then Cedar, Shorea, and Teak are a good choice. These varieties are resistant to mold, pest infestation, water, and cracks.  Keeping it safe from weathering and decay requires attention and time. Treating it with wood preservative and taking it indoors during harsh weather conditions would prolong the life of the product.

Stone like Marble  adds a classy and elegant touch to the garden. It’s an added factor that it stays unaffected by neither sun nor rain. It is very low maintenance. It is perfect for garden tables and benches. However, comfort may not be its strength. Often, these materials are chosen for ponds and fountains. Marbles should be treated with care since it is a heavy material, and harsh handling may break and crack it.

Aluminum is lightweight. For outdoor use, cast aluminum is recommended because of its durability. Please see the article on cast aluminium. Wrought iron is also ideal for outdoor use. It’s both decorative and functional offering intricate designs that would last for a long time.

Plastic may not sound so elegant, but there has been engineered ones perfect for outdoor use without sacrificing quality. Check Viro weave garden furniture.