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OUTDOORLIVING have increased and diversified in their product range offering a wider selection of products to meet customer expectations.

It has been said that our seasons are becoming warmer which in turn extends the time we can spend outside. We are therefore looking at options to allow us to sit out and what better way than to invest in a patio heater.

Why not pop into our showrooms here in the Glen of the Downs or in Dunboyne Co Meath where our extensive range is on display.

Tall Patio Heaters:

We have tall stainless steel heaters, pyramid heaters with a glass tube where inside a magnificent flame rises up through the tube creating a fantastic visual effect. There is a tall rattan heater which is wrapped in a wonderful chocolate weave, the perfect accompaniment if you are matching up with rattan furniture. Our heaters come in gas or electric so you can which one suits you best.

Some customers enjoy the option of putting the heater on the table so we have both electric and gas table top heaters which will make a stunning centrepiece on your table.

Infrared Heaters:

Infrared heaters have really taken off recently and offering a different option for heating. Infrared heat is the exact same energy behind the warmth we feel from the sun even on cold days.

The wall mounted heater is a fantastic option and can be used in both a domestic and commercial setting such as garage or workshop. The heat is instantaneous heating up very quickly. They can be operated manually or by remote control. Consumption is very good making it very cost effective.

There is long infrared halogen heater, again very good consumption. The heat builds up slowly and offering long lasting heat coverage.

The under table heater is a novel and innovative product. It is just placed under the table, heats quickly giving you and your guests pleasant heat immediately.

We also carry a snazzy tall slimline heater in silver. This is sophistication coupled with technology. Coming with a couple of heat settings it is operated by remote control. This allows you to control the temperature to suit your requirements. Easily portable so can be positioned to be most effective in heating your guests.

This leads us on to other forms of heating outside those being fire pits and chimeneas. These are an alternative to the patio style heaters.

Fire Pits:

Fire pits have exploded onto the market in a good way and come in some fantastic designs from the simple fire pit to a superb and opulent patio flame table.

The Elidir, Aragon fire pits are one of our smaller fire pits and very easy to use. You can burn wood in them and they will provide excellent heat. The Eilir is shaped like a cauldron standing on a tripod stand and the Aragon is a fire basket on metal legs. Great for those parties where everyone wants to stand around and chat while keeping cosy and warm.

The log fire burner is more traditional in style and offers 360 degree heat, plus it doubles up as a barbecue. It is of a strong metal construction and is wide enough to cook meats whilst emitting a high heat.

If you want to create an amazing outlook then you must definitely look at the Victorian and Hampton patio flame tables. These are luxurious and eloquent oozing style and modernity. These heaters are of an aluminium construction, durable, safe and fuel effective. Neatly designed to hide the gas tank underneath with a little door giving access. The table is layered in the middle with crystals which give a glittering effect as the flames dance up through them. What a fantastic talking point with all your friends.

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