Leonardo Di Vinci Long Ip55 Wall Mounted Grey Heater

Leonardo di vinci long ip55 wall mounted grey heater.
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Thin wall mounted halogen heater is ideal for heating small spaces such as summer houses, workshop, garages or even in your bathroom. Halogen heaters heat instantly, they are economical and eco-friendly, with no fumes or emissions. At a height of 4.5cm, length of 104cm and width 2.3cm, it can be easily mounted in a location that will give you the most heat (and light). The heater comes with 1800W double heating lamps, remote control, is fitted with a safety switch and has a 5-hour timer function. This heater will heat up to 9 Msq. And has a lamp life of up to 5000 hours. Being wall mounted it takes up no valuable floor space and is easy to install using the adjustable mounting brackets that accompany the heater.

The wall mounted halogen heater is waterproof, with an IP rating of 55. It can be fitted outdoors to walls near patios or decks giving longer and more use of any outdoor space. This heater is a huge addition to beer gardens or BBQ areas. Small balconies can be given a new lease of life when the heater is mounted above the door allowing you to sit out late into the evening.

This heater can also be suspended from the ceiling using a ceiling chain available.

Key Features:

  • Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 55
  • (Protected against dust that may harm equipment)
  • (Protection against low-pressure water jets in all directions)
  • Great for balconies, above patio doors, under parasols or awnings
  • 2, heat settings 900w and 1800w
  • Power 220-240V 2000w
  • Up to 5000 hours lamp life
  • Heating area of up to 9Msq
  • 1.8M electric power cable
  • Dimensions : L 104cm, H 4.5cm, W 2.3cm
  • Get more & longer use out of your outdoor area
  • Ideal for BBQs & garden events
  • Great for beer gardens
  • Economical - Electric heaters are more economical to run than gas
  • Easy to install (mounting brackets supplied
  • No fumes or emissions
  • Erected in minutes
  • Ceiling change available for this model