1. 1 Meter Celtic Barbecue - Traditional Irish Cooking
    Regular Price €599.00 Special Price €279.95
  2. Signature Premium 4 Burner Cabinet Barbecue Trolley
    Regular Price €4,159.00 Special Price €3,745.00
  3. Signature Premium 5 Burner Cabinet Barbecue Trolley
    Regular Price €4,589.00 Special Price €3,955.00
  4. Dancook Firepit BBQ

Get your portable barbecue today, from Ireland's barbecue specialists!

When we think of a quality barbecue, most people think of a solid wheeled barbecue trolley, which is awkward and heavy to move.

This is not the case with the latest range of mobile barbecues on the market today. Barbecues Ireland part of the Outdoor Living group sells high-end portable barbecues that are easy to move and produce great cooking results like their heavy, cumbersome counterparts. We also stock a limited range of budget portable barbecues, which still work great, but in a lot of cases produce a lot less heat than their bigger, heavier cousins.

Let's look at the options for Outdoor Living.

The Bugg Barbecue. An Australian icon, Slick and modern with serious heat output. You can buy it with legs or without legs. Of course, if you are into a more portable solution, getting the Bugg top barbecue will do an excellent job. Bring it to the beach, throw a few shrimp on the barbecue, and enjoy the Summer sun. Get Australias hottest gas barbecue on the market today!

We also stock a budget single burner barbecue, which is easy to carry around, and is a lot cheaper than the Bugg model. However, the Bugg should be your first choice of call if you have the budget.