1. Ecru Round Aluminium Cantilever Parasol 300cm

    Ecru Round Aluminium Cantilever Parasol 300cm

    Regular Price €249.00 Special Price €199.00
  2. Terracota Parasol by Edco

    Terracota Parasol by Edco

    Regular Price €109.00 Special Price €69.95
  3. 2.7 metre Taupe Aluminium Parasol

    2.7 metre Taupe Aluminium Parasol

    Regular Price €135.00 Special Price €99.00
  4. Ecru Round Aluminium Outdoor Parasol 250cm

    Ecru Round Aluminium Outdoor Parasol 250cm

    Regular Price €90.00 Special Price €79.00
  5. 3 Meter Cantilever Parasol by Alexander Rose

    3 Meter Cantilever Parasol by Alexander Rose

    Regular Price €249.00 Special Price €199.00
  6. Rectangular Parasol 3 Meter by 2 Metre

    Rectangular Parasol 3 Meter by 2 Metre

    Regular Price €200.00 Special Price €99.00
  7. 3 Meter Banana Cantilever Parasol in Grey From Maze Rattan

    Regular Price €499.00 Special Price €349.95
  8. Out of stock

Looking for a Garden Parasol? We have a range of parasols if you're looking for Red, Black, Cream, Green, Taupe and Ecru; we have it! We also have wooden parasols and aluminium parasols available in round and rectangular. We also have a number of shapes including round and rectangular. Buy your parasol today! Brands of Parasols include Alexander Rose, Hartman as well as the premium all weather range from Westminster.

Westminster Parasols and Cantilevers

The "One touch parasol", is a truly remarkable parasol, this can open automatically at a touch of a button, made from high-quality materials, the perfect parasol for those looking for a high-quality parasol.

The Shadow parasol from Westminster has a 5-year guarantee against fading of fabric manufactured with the highest quality materials.

Westminster also manufactures 2 sizes of Cantilever, a 3.5 meter round and a 3.5 by 3 meter rectangular cantilever made with a high-grade polyester canopy, these can also be bought separately, these cantilevers come with a night bag for protection as well as a stand to weight the cantilever down, there is also an easy opening and close mechanism for the cantilever parasol. Westminster also has numerous parasol accessories including parasol stands and replacement canopies.

Alexander Rose has a high-quality range of parasols and cantilevers.

  • Stainless steel parasols come in a 2.5 meter and a 3 meter parasol, the 3 meter pole has a 48 millimeter diameter and the 2.5 meter have a 35 mm thick pole, these parasols are popular for both contract and residential uses.
  • Hardwood parasols from Alexander Rose use the highest quality of hardwoods and come in a round 2.7 meter and 3 meters as well as a two by 3 meters rectangular version.
  • Alexander Rose Cantilever Parasols offer sophistication and ease of use with a crank mechanism
  • Alexander Rose have three different granite bases that complement their range of parasols, an 11, 20 and 30-kilo granite base is available from Alexander Rose.

Leisuregrow Parasols and Cantilevers

Leisuregrow is an extremely popular brand in Ireland due to their economical and high-quality products, which have high-quality materials at excellent prices, they have the innovative 360 degree cantilever parasol, solar powered parasols so you can get extra light in the dark, on the underbelly of the parasol there are lights, we stock these in Kilquade too. They also do high-quality crank and tilt aluminium parasols and stainless steel parasols, all available in both 2.5 meters and 3 meters sizes.