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Patio Heater CoverPatio Heater Cover
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Patio Heater Cover
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Patio heater cover by Garland.

Always allow your heater to cool before placing the cover on it.

Simple maintenance will extend the life of your patio heater and, therefore, a cover is very important. If you cannot afford a cover, at least try and bring the patio heater inside and store it somewhere that is convenient for you. A cover will protect against rain and other debris that can be blown into your garden. A cover will stop your patio heater rusting or fading if it is powder coated and prevents you having to clean it on a regular basis. Wheels and any bolts should be lubricated to ensure they do not seize up and when you change your gas cylinder you should take a look at the connecting hose and check it for any signs of wear and tear.

It is a good idea to keep a spare hose and clips as a backup in case you ever have problems. This cover comes in black and is made from high-quality PVC backed polyester material. If has full UV protection against the sun for longer life and has waterproof taped seams. It has an all-around drawstring bottom with cord locks for added security and a fully zipped front for easy access. 

Dimensions: Height: 179cm (71”) Bottom Width: 56cm (22”) Top Width: 124cm (49”)

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