8 Seat BlackTable with 8 Low Back Chairs Garden Set 8 seat diamond rattan set Rattan Black 8 seater set
8 Seat BlackTable with 8 Low Back Chairs Garden Set
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Diamond eight seat round set in a black flat weave. The chocolate weave gives the set a beautiful Mediterranean character that is very popular in France, USA, Spain, Turkey, and Greece. It is an expensive technique to produce this rattan, but Diamond garden furniture have created an affordable set that is very popular with the Irish consumer. A range of cushions are available for this set.

Diamond are renowned for making reliable, comfortable, high-quality design furniture and this Diamond 8 Seat Round Set is just what you would expect from them. They have a mix of products in a variety of weave, wood, steel and cast aluminium which are all designed at being virtually maintenance free, durable and hardwearing. They communicate and take advice regularly from leading design experts in furniture to come up with the best products they possibly can every year, and this is why they have a remarkable reputation.

Cast aluminium is a product which is used in the frame of this fashionable high-quality Diamond dining set, which is a premium material with a superb surface finish. It is more expensive than steel and aluminium is used in outdoor furniture because it does not rust. It is lightweight although very durable and, therefore, makes moving furniture around the garden much easier.

The next material used in the Diamond 8 Seat is the Resin Weave, which is wrapped over the cast aluminium. This is a synthetic material and is mainly used in outdoor furniture. It looks like real wicker but is much more durable and will last for decades. Real wicker is made from natural fibres, including rattan which bends easily and is ideal for weaving chairs and other products. The only problem is it breaks down easily and, therefore, it is used mainly indoors. The resin is indestructible and is used for patio furniture because it can be left out in extremely hot and cold weather. It will not fade in sunlight, is comfortable, strong and will bear more weight than traditional wicker. It is also a less expensive than the natural wicker, and that is why many people now use it as conservatory furniture. The tighter the weave the better the product and the longer it will last.

This excellent piece of furniture comes with a round table 180cm, eight chairs, cushions and safety glass. It has been designed to be as comfortable as possible and to endure harsh weather conditions. It is advisable to cover this product during the months of September to February but purely to keep it in prime condition. One cover can be placed over the chairs and table for protection and to stop them moving in very high winds. Cushions should be stored away in a box or storage cupboard, they are shower proof but should not be left out in extreme weather conditions.

The Diamond Set is tightly weaved in a two-tone finish the cushions are plain and durable, and you can add scatter cushions to the set in a colour that appeals to you.

Product Specifications

Table: H75 x W160 x D180cm

Weave of this product is a mixed chocolate colour.

Rattan is a flat synthetic weave.

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