Reader No. 4 Garden Lighting

Reader no. 4 garden lighting.


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The Reader series has different models, some can be placed in every garden to light up his surroundings, others can be used as a reading lamp on a table on your terrace and there are also wall mounting options. The warm white LEDs will shine a substantial ray of light.

Equipped with an on/off switch, motion sensor and a twilight sensor.

The unique and patented Energy Management Unit (EMU), developed by, works fully automatically. The light charges during the day using daylight and stores this electricity.

When the light is activated, it converts the stored electricity into warm white LED lighting.

The EMU is more than just a module with LEDs. The EMU from is a unit that was especially designed with high-quality solar cells, an intelligent battery, warm white LEDs and other technical inner workings within.

The EMU cleverly integrates wireless technology in the lamp, which means no more high electricity costs.

There is no more need for you to turn your garden upside down when installing new garden lighting. Instead, opt for outdoor lighting that works using natural energy!