Root No. 3 Garden Lighting

Root no. 3 garden lighting.


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The Root No.3 Park outdoor light from a series of five beautifully designed lamps can really be! The lamp is ideal for use when you want to add a pool or water feature that extra atmosphere. The third model in the collection is a beautiful stainless steel base and upright, so that the lamp can be put down anywhere.

The height of the lamp No.3 Park is 101cm. This means that there is a perfect relationship between the various components of the lamp. The Root is ideal for use on (standing) tables, column bases, platforms, footstools, but also in a border or on the grass, the No.3 Park fully realized how late it gets.

Furthermore, it is so that the No.1 and lampshades to No.5 are of the same size, and that ensures that the lamps to combine very well with each other.


  • Height 100cm 
  • width 30cm 
  • length - 
  • Warranty Yes, 2 years 
  • Material PP and Stainless steel



The energy management unit which is EMU is a compact disk which is integrated in every ROOT. The unit of the warm white ROOT's sunlight efficiently to stores in a smart battery and is provided with a pull switch, and remote control with dimmer. Through the remote control to increase or decrease the number of burning warm white LEDs to 8, 16 or 24. The warm white ROOT versions can always himself on and off whenever you want. If EMU does not absorb enough sunlight, you can be fully charged within 2 hours using the supplied charger.

Wiring is no longer required and the ROOT are therefore easy to (re) places. A Root can be left outdoors 365 days a year.