Single Garden Wooden Rocking Chair
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Now you can sit on your front porch, and rock to your hearts content, with this classic FSC rocking chair.

With this classic rocking chair; there are a few scenarios that might happen. You will either become an old western hero; watching your cattle grazing in the fields as a posse rides up to you, or you’ve been hit by a terrible curse known as ‘aged’ and that you’re elderly, smoking a pipe with a blanket over your legs; ignoring the world as you replay the years of your life you’d like to relive, or never want to revisit.

Or that you’re as ‘sane’ as the rest of us, and you’re kicking back to read a newspaper and chill while the sun goes down.

You can be all three, all while doing it from this charming traditional rocking chair with it’s heavy-duty arms and slatted seat, so you fit comfortably into it as you rock back and forth. Whatever you become while in the chair is up to you?

Made from Swedish Redwood, this chair will make a delightful and bright addition to any garden or patio.

Dimensions: 69cm w x 85cm d x 95cm h

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