Solid Fuel Original BUGG Series Australian BeefEater Barbecue - Graphite

Solid fuel bugg series barbecue – graphite.

(Note: Mobile Stand costs extra)

Solid fuel bugg series barbecue – graphite.

(Note: Mobile Stand costs extra)

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Is it a bird, a plane, no, it's a Bugg. The compact and easily transportable barbecue that has brought Beefeaters great barbecue experience possible almost everywhere! Bring it to the park, on camping trips, on the bus to your friend's house, it's easy to carry and one beast of a barbecue.

It comes with Beefeaters Quartz start ignition; no batteries needed!

There is a grill and plate combo, which allows you to multi-task, cook those steaks while handling those juicy chicken wings easily.

Efficient heat distribution with the quality cast iron cooking surface. There is no better way to barbecue meat. Our customer feedback has been incredible.

A quality barbecue backed with a five year limited warranty.

The image shown may include optional package extras

Optional Barbecue Accessories

  • Bench Top Cover
  • Trolley Cover
  • Pizza Stone Set
  • Roast Rack
  • Baking Dish
  • Thermometer
  • Hooks
  • Travel Bag
  • Teflon Sheets/Bag


  • BBQ Dimensions (HxWxD): 395mm / 15.6" x 544mm / 21.4" x 580mm / 22.8"
  • Weight: 20kg / 44lbs
  • Total Power: 19,000 BTU / 5.6kW
  • Stand Dimensions (HxWxD): 677mm / 26.7" x 588mm / 23.1" x 700mm / 27.6"
  • Weight: 10kg / 22lbs

* Whilst care has been taken to ensure accuracy, please note that the above specifications are approximate and subject to change

(Note: Mobile Stand costs extra)