Tall Infrared Heatwave Heater

Tall Heatwave heater gives a long steady infrared heat, giving the user a good body coverage of infrared heat. Ideal for many uses.


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Sometimes it can be hard to heat every room efficiently. However, with improved technologies, this is no longer a problem. Onto the market are heaters that will heat up those harder to heat rooms but don't take up too much space. They are versatile, functional and portable making it a much more cost effective method of heating.

This neat and compact styled slimline heater is perfect for heating those spaces, such as hallways,   balconies, workshops, garages as it doesn't take up a lot of space but emits effective heat levels. They can be placed at various points to make the most of the heat emittance.

You can view and order these heaters in our showrooms and collect as we carry a large range of our display. You will be impressed with the sleek style of this heater and its ability to heat an area quickly.