Term Tower Palms Infrared Heater

No need to travel to the Philippines and site underneath a palm tree, to get some nice warmth. Burda heaters can now be bought in Ireland from our site.


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TERM TOWER PALMS - The new waterproof generation

From BURDAWTG's world-beating TERM 2000 series of IP67 rated outdoor Infrared heaters comes the superb TERM TOWER PALMS...combining BURDA's sublime Infrared heating capability with a truly unique design for a character and aesthetic that will leave eyes popping and jaws dropping!

The TERM TOWER PALM's fantastically creative design features 4 hanging branch-like Infrared heating panels, creating the delightful appearance of a palm tree and producing a fabulously natural heat fully comparable to that of the palm tree's natural environment!

This innovative palm-tree like design not only produces superb levels of Infrared heating but provides for versatility with increased options in heat dispersion...with the TERM TOWER PALM's  fully adjustable arms, you can basque under the softly intense heat of the TERM TOWER PALM's brilliant branches!

Even in tropical climates, it rains, so this palm-tree like Infrared heating wonder is a fully water-proofed IP 67 rated heater...so come rain or shine, the TERM TOWER PALMS will cover you with absolute warmth...guaranteed!

Technical data: 

  • RTT400V (4.000 W) 
  • RTT600V (6.000 W) 
  • RTT800V (8.000 W)


  • øxH: 110 x 250 - 270 cm 
  • Weight: ca. 45 kg 
  • Color: Silver (Aluminium) 
  • Protection class: IP67