Winchester Corner Dining Sofa Set
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Winchester corner sofa set.

This Winchester Corner Sofa Set brings a whole new look to the world of rattan as it is very different in style, and the fact that it is rounded makes it more conducive to chatting and sitting comfortable.

It comes in three separate parts that are easily put together with beautiful comfy cushions in grey for your back and seat area. It is also handy if you have a party but would like separate sections, as this can be put separately around to accommodate guests.

The wide flat weave with chunky rod weave is good quality and impressive to look out. It is maintenance free, and totally weather proof but cushions should be stored away in the evening.

If you want to impress your guests and also own an investment piece of furniture this is a sofa set to go for.


L - Shape: 250 x 176 x 84 cm

Table: 150 x 91 x 69 cm

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