Alexander Rose Cornis Turnberry Bench

The curved style of the Cornis Turnberry bench makes for a relaxing day in the sun and hand made by the renowned Alexander Rose gives you an excellent outdoor feel.

Cornis Turnberry Bench

  • Height: 970 mm
  • Width: 1555 mm
  • Depth: 620 mm
  • Weight: 30 kg


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The dense, strong Cornis grain hand made by Alexander Rose is both elegant in its oiled finish and strong. Smooth to feel and curved in design it adds an aroma of luxury that can't be beaten. The sturdy design and the weather resistant quality's of this bench make it a great addition to any garden.

This curve on the back of the garden bench, gives this bench an extra look of sophistication compared to other benches, and Alexander Rose have got this design to a fine art, it's a grade A wood, and the design is of a grade A standard too.

With all the looks and build quality you would expect of an Alexander Rose product, our Cornis collection is the perfect addition to any garden, no matter where you live or your budget constraints. We appreciate that every garden is individual in shape, style and size so we have made some of our most popular designs in less expensive and equally sustainable materials.

The very straight and almost knot-free grain of Cornis timber makes it the perfect choice for garden furniture. A dense, closely grained hardwood, which has been oiled giving each piece of furniture a smooth brown finish. It originates from The Congo, Central Africa. Cornis comes with a 3 year warranty and is FSC MIX certifed.

Our Cornis range offers design and quality, it is manufactured using responsibly sourced timber. The collection includes our most popular bench designs. The dense almost knot-free grain of Cornis comes with an oiled finish giving it a smooth lustre. Our olefin cushions have a 2 year warranty.