Delivery information

There is a small delivery charge on most items.

Is there free delivery on garden furniture?

Yes, we offer free delivery on selected Items.

We always try to keep delivery costs to a minimum, in the case of special delivery or difficulty of access to your place, we should be notified, additional charges are only supplemented when another mode of transport is required for transport, this should be discussed before delivery as soon as possible. Delivery charges are more for bulky items such as gazebos and garden buildings. We have a smaller delivery charge for smaller items such as garden furniture covers and benches.

Does Garden Furniture Ireland deliver internationally?

Yes, we do we can deliver to the United Kingdom, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Poland, Holland, Spain, France, Germany and even Singapore! There is an additional delivery charge. We do recommend to insure items in transport though.

How do you deliver?

We use third party delivery drivers in Dublin for most deliveries, outside of Dublin, we use a network of delivery drivers. Sometimes the deliveries are delivered by pallet outside of Dublin.

What days to you deliver on?

We delivery Monday to Friday, and deliver on Saturdays during our peak periods. Most deliveries occur between 12.00 and 18.00. We can arrange delivery later if required

Is delivery time guaranteed?

We aim to deliver at a specified time. We rely on third party delivery companies; our aim is to give an accurate time as much possible. However, under certain circumstances, we may have to re-schedule.

Is there a collection charge?

There is a collection charge for items. We offer free delivery, but there is a collection restocking charge. This is normally between three to five percent of the cost of them item.