1. Use your new BeefEater BBQ to impress your guests

    Use your new BeefEater BBQ to impress your guests

    So now that you know which BBQ set you want for your garden (if not, check out this article)

    Would you like to try a highly recommended recipe from us at


    Minced Beef Meatballs with goat's cheese cooked in a BBQ (recipe for 6 people)


    • 900g of minced beef
    • 1/2 goat's cheese
    • 3/4 bell pepper
    • 2 eggs
    • 1/2 onion
    • 1/2 shallot
    • 3 tablespoon
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  2. Beefeater Barbecues - All You Need To Know...

    Planning a Barbecue filled Weekend? Here's All You Need To Know

    With the sun finally peeking out from the clouds summer is right around the corner and so comes the excitement of hosting your own barbecue weekend filled with fun, laughter and all kinds of chatter. We know the trouble that goes into planning any sort of social event and to make your planning a little easier, we have gathered all the tips and tricks we know to guarantee that all your summer barbecues will be the highlight of everyone’s summer.


    To start you off we have complied a very easy list to help you understand the different options you have and what would work best for you.

    BBQ Grills

    Quality and functionality are the biggest factors you as consumers would have with a product, s

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  3. Garden Furniture Trends for 2019/2020

    Garden Furniture Trends For Summer

    This year has been filled with plenty of showers and too little sun but with summer fast approaching we’ve gotten excited and are ready to share our favourite garden furniture sets from our collection.


    Be inspired! Revamp your patio space and create your favourite look with our best lines. In no particular order here are our top picks for the summer:

    Deep Seated Chairs

    Kicking of this list with one of our favourites for this summer are the deep-seated Cairo and Chicago chairs. These seats give lounging a new meaning, a new luxurious feel that will really have you struggling to leave by the end of evening and (we guarantee this!) a brilliant evening all summer long!

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  4. Replacement Outdoor Cushions for Garden Furniture

    What do you use your patio for? Is it to wind down and relax or to curl up with a book after a long eventful day? Is it to entertain family and friends you wish you could see more of or never see at all? Whatever your reason, wouldn’t a lovely lively decorated space inspire you to finish that novel decked out in your garden or create a grand social event with easy conversation for a guest? If so, a brilliant yet simple way to design the perfect garden space is with outdoor cushions.

    The set up: There’s a secret in garden furniture, that only a few exclusively know. That secret may make or break your patio set up. That secret is patio cushions. Cushions are the jewellery or bag to fashion, cushions are a necessary accessory that complete your garden furniture. Use cus

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  5. 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture!

    Jamie Oliver Caraway 6 Seat Dining Set Hampshire White 8 Seaters Round Cast Aluminium Dining Set

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  6. How to Choose Quality Rattan Garden Sets

    Rattan Sets.... Beautiful, Intricate And Why You Should Buy Them!

    A beautiful woven rattan set can effortlessly bring exquisiteness and sophistication to your garden. Be able to enjoy a nice quiet evening cuddled up with your partner in our bistro sets or a lively B&Q day with family and friends with our lounge and bar sets. Keep reading and find out why our signature furniture are popular with consumers all over Ireland.

    San Marino Weave Furniture Stacking Amchair San Marino

    Comfort and Appeal

    Rattan sets come in array of different styles, shapes,

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