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Outdoor games are the perfect way to get guests up on their feet and having fun at any party. They are a great way to make your guest socialise and get involved. They can be the perfect ice breaker or party starter to make conversation flow. We have a wide range of games including favourites such as outdoor Jenga, snakes and ladders, and connect 4. We also have more skilful games such as outdoor boules, a popular game in France. Other games include quoits, a tossing game, wooden skittles, twister, and dominoes. Some games are based on luck such as snakes and ladders while other games require more skill such as boules or quoits. All ages would enjoy our outdoor games.

Adults may prefer boules and Jenga and children may prefer twister and snakes and ladders. But all games can be enjoyed by adults and children. They are great for improving skills such as hand eye coordination, flexibility, team work. These games help you make the most of the outdoors and encourage all ages to get outside and enjoy themselves.

Outdoor games can be used anywhere, in the garden, the park, camping, or at the beach. It is a great way to get everyone off their phones and engaging together and having fun. These games can be enjoyed after dinner as some entertainment. They are easy to throw in the car for staycations to enjoy on holiday.

Outdoor games are also great for commercial use. They are ideal to have on the side for guests to enjoy. They are popular in places such as hotels and glamping sites where guests can gather and socialise outside. They help guests to make the most of the outdoor space and to meet new people.

Some games are also popular in outdoor beer gardens, games like Jenga allow people to have some fun while enjoying drinks with friends.