Looking at the Best Weatherproof Rattan Garden Furniture

By  Damien Kelly  |  16 February 2021
Rattan Weave Close Up

Rattan Garden Furniture has grown in popularity in recent years because it is stylish and brings a modern edge to your outdoor space.

As well as this, it is also a highly practical material that will last a lifetime if you look after it well. There are many different types of rattan and each differs in durability. We are here to help you find the perfect, long-lasting rattan furniture for your lifestyle.  

Why Rattan?

Rattan is a great choice for outdoor furniture as it is weatherproof, durable, and long-lasting. Firstly, rattan features UV protection and is a weatherproof material.

The cast aluminium frame on all of our furniture makes them lightweight and rust proof. This means that you can leave your furniture out year-round.

Furniture covers can be used during the Winter months for extra protection. Some sets come with cushions which feature quick dry technology which means they dry quicker than normal cushions.

Rattan is a durable material because of how it is weaved. The durability increases with the thickness of the weave. As a rule of thumb, the thicker the weave, the more durable it is.

This is very good to know when searching for the perfect rattan furniture. There are many types of weave such as half round, full round, and flat weave.

Full round is the most durable. Next, we have half round which is very popular as it is comfortable, durable and long-lasting.

Finally, flat weave is usually cheaper and more lightweight while still maintaining that durability. Rattan furniture will last you a lifetime so it is important to invest in high quality pieces.

Family Enjoying Mean on Hamilton Lifestyle Sofa

Choosing the Perfect Rattan Set

At OutdoorLiving.ie, we offer a range of rattan furniture from corner sets or individual chairs to stools. When choosing what furniture is best for you it is important to think about the size of your garden, how many people will be using the furniture, if you want to invite guests around, and so on.

Large Sets

The size of your garden is important to take into close consideration when choosing the right rattan furniture. If you have a large open space, we have many options such as our corner sets such as the Halifax corner rattan dining fire pit set. This set is perfect for hosting friends and family. The fire pit in the centre of the table is quite special and keeps you warm.

6 Seat Round Rattan Dining Set


If your garden is a bit smaller and you will only be sitting out with the family, our Boston 4-seater rattan dining set is perfect for family dinners. Some of our sets have stackable chairs so if you have less space in your garden, it is easy to stack these and store them away after use. Our Ibiza Vegas 4-seater dining set with extending table is a great option with stackable chairs. The extending table is great as you have the option to add more space for chairs if you need.


2-seater rattan sets are ideal of you have a small space or if you are just looking for something for you and your partner. Our Roma rattan bistro set is the ideal size for 2 people. If you want something which can be easily stored away when not in use then our Ibiza city square folding bistro set is for you. The chairs can be easily stacked and the table can be folded away, allowing for easy storage.

Rattan Bistro Dining Set

Hanging Chairs

If you have a balcony, hanging chairs are perfect for these small spaces. Our pod hanging chair looks beautiful on a balcony and doesn’t take up much space. Hanging chairs allow for ultimate relaxation and are the perfect spot to chill out and read a book.

Rattan Hanging Chair