Beefeater has been in business for 25 years and has put a tremendous amount of research into their stylish high-quality barbecues.

They are a world famous brand, and now employ over 150 people in their offices and factories in Sydney Australia. They are an Australian success story, and their parent company was founded in 1984. Their functional designs and solid construction frames are welded to perfection, and their cast iron cooking surfaces are extremely hardwearing and so easy to clean.

These are some of the reasons why people are drawn to buy a Beefeater gas barbecue.

Beefeater have a mix of cooking surfaces including a flat plate or griddle area; which means cooking vegetables, eggs and other foods is so straightforward, and food does not fall through the BBQ cooking grates. Cast Iron cooking surfaces hold heat for much longer; they are hard wearing and very easy to clean.

Cast iron is a top quality material for cooking and is also used in the famous Aga Cookers, because of its’ durability and heat distribution. All Beefeater BBQ’ s are run on gas and include 27mm clip on propane regulators as standard.

This attaches to a propane gas bottle often referred to as patio gas or leisure gas bottle and is easily available from local hardware stores and garden centres.

Beefeater Barbecues are an excellent choice, look at the specifications below:

• If you choose natural gas, you will never lose any power

• Automatic ignition on every burner

• The best enamelling process used on Chassis, Hood and sides of BBQ’s

• They are fully welded, galvanized and then porcelain enamelled

• Most come with a ten-year guarantee

• Separate gas gets ignite burners

• Quartz Start Ignition System

• Rust free cooktops made of cast iron

• They supply 2,3,4,5 and six burner