Bosmere Chimenea Cover (Out of Stock)

All weather cover for a standard sized chiminea.
Out of stock

Always allow your Chiminea to cool before placing the cover on.

Keeping your Chimenea safe from weather conditions is a must if you value the product and would like to keep it for a long time. It will keep your cast iron Chimenea rust free and if it is powder coated or painted, it will stop fading, keeping it in prime condition. This Bosmere protective cover for your Chimenea is green with a tough woven polyethylene and UV protected fabric against the sun. It will give you summer and winter protection, but it is a good idea if you have storage to bring your Chimenea inside. This does not have a zip up the front and is just placed over the top of the Chimenea. It can be wiped clean and has eyelets and ties for securing. 

Dimensions: Height: 122cm Bottom Width: 61cm Top Width: 21cm