Bio-Climatic Pergolas

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Our Bio-Climatic Pergola range is a cross of outdoor elegance and practicality. Designed to seamlessly integrate into a variety of outdoor spaces, these pergolas offer aesthetic appeal and functionality. Whether you're looking to create a cosy corner in a small garden or a grand outdoor living area, our range has something to suit every need.


Product Choice – Size & Range

The versatility of our pergola range is evident in the array of sizes available. Ranging from compact 3x3m structures, ideal for smaller gardens and patios, to more expansive 3x6m & 4x4m models, perfect for larger spaces, our pergolas cater to your requirements. Each size is meticulously crafted to maximise your outdoor area's potential, providing shade, shelter, and style.


Aluminium Power Coating

The frames are constructed from robust power coated aluminium, known for its strength and resistance to weathering. Aluminium's longevity makes it a sustainable choice, requiring minimal maintenance. Additionally, the powder-coated finish in colours like charcoal and white not only adds a touch of sophistication but also enhances durability against the elements.


Adjustable Aluminium Louvres for Customised Comfort

A standout feature of our Bio-Climatic Pergolas is the adjustable louvres. These innovative louvres provide control over your environment, allowing you to adjust the amount of sunlight and ventilation as per your preference. Whether you seek a sunny spot to relax or a shaded area for outdoor dining, the flexibility of these louvres caters to your every whim.


Smart Gutter & Drainage System

Understanding the unpredictable weather, we've incorporated a smart gutter and drainage system in our pergolas. This feature ensures efficient water management, keeping your outdoor space dry and comfortable, even during sudden downpours. The integrated gutter system also maintains the sleek design of the pergola, combining functionality with style.


Installation and Maintenance

Our pergolas come with comprehensive installation instructions, making the setup process straightforward. Regular maintenance is minimal, mainly involving cleaning the louvers and frame to ensure optimal functionality. This ease of upkeep means more time enjoying your outdoor space and less time worrying about maintenance.


Our Bio-Climatic Pergola range is more than just a garden feature; it's an investment in your home's outdoor enjoyment. With various sizes, durable materials, and adjustable features, these pergolas are designed to suit the unique needs of every home. Explore our collection and find the perfect pergola to elevate your outdoor living experience.


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